ISO 9001

Hi Tech Heat Treating Ltd. was the first heat treating company to be registered to ISO Standard in all of Alberta, and is proud to maintain ISO requirements since 1997. Details of Hi Tech’s quality assurance are contained herein. This page briefly describes Hi Tech’s services, level of inspection and quality performed at Hi Tech on a continuous basis. If you require detailed information, please contact us.

Hi Tech Heat Treating Ltd. offers numerous services to our customers. They entail the following:

Gas Carburizing
Through Hardening
Heat Shrinking

Stress Relieving
Precipitation Hardening
Glass Beading

Gas Nitriding
Age Hardening
Hardness Testing

The above services are controlled by the use of Hi Tech’s written quality procedures and working instructions that are provided to all trained personnel.

Hi Tech’s calibration procedures for equipment for processing the above mentioned processes entails a system for identifying, calibrating, adjusting, and controlling measuring equipment. Frequency and check methods of calibration for Hi Tech’s equipment are as follows:

Hardness Tester:

Tested at intervals by trained personnel at Hi Tech with a certified test block or when deemed necessary, and Calibrated Once per year interval by an approved sub-contractor.

Furnace Temperature Recorders/Controllers:

Calibrated at 3-month intervals by an approved sub-contractor or earlier, when deemed necessary.

Furnace Chamber Survey:

Completed on furnaces by using a certified multi-point recorder using 9 Thermocouples Points. 


Purchased certified by an approved vendor.

Hi Tech’s commitment is to process products that meet our customer’s specifications and industry standards that have been established through our Quality Management system. Recorder charts are available to customers, upon request on Purchase Orders, and accompany product to verify process parameters that have been taken to ensure compliance to customer requirements.

At Hi Tech Heat Treating Ltd., we are committed to quality and as specified in our quality system, we are aimed primarily at achieving customer satisfaction. Hi Tech believes in working together with our customers to ensure and to provide quality-finished products.

A copy of Hi Tech’s manual is available upon request. Hi Tech welcomes our customers to perform internal audits.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the below at 780-462-6700.

Glenn Goodwin – President
Annette Cyre-Goodwin – QA/Office Manager